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▶️ No pases frío 🥶 en tus eventos al aire libre este inviernos. Creamos atmósferas de confort con 🔥 estufas de jardín a gas tipo Pirámide o Seta.
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Alquiler de maquinaria: Nuevas tendencias que impactarán el sector
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▶️ Alquiler de maquinaria: Nuevas tendencias que impactarán el sector.
🔹 Juan José Torres Director general de TST Servicios y Presidente de ASEAMAC
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  • Why is it better to rent machinery?Why is it better to rent machinery?
    The decision between buying or renting machinery for your company can be complicated, since both options can present benefits. However, only one can be reasonable in certain contexts. Everything will depend on the needs and conditions of the company. Renting machinery is the most recommended for many companies due to the multiple advantages it offers in ...
  • Reasons for power outagesReasons for power outages
    Power outages can be caused by multiple reasons. The electricity supply is a seemingly limitless source that is generated in power plants . But on its route of operation the Sine wave It can suffer some type of disturbance, which means that the normal voltage that changes from positive to negative value 60 times per ...
  • Why rent a wall fan?Why rent a wall fan?
    If you have thought about rent a wall fan , but you have not decided yet, in this article we will tell you why to do it. The wall fans are helical and their propellers are made of aluminum. They are resistant, because their components and materials are of high quality, and are designed to ...
  • 5 reasons to rent multiple socket outlets5 reasons to rent multiple socket outlets
    Currently, there is an increasing demand for electricity, both in homes and in offices. This is due to the increase in the number of electrical devices that exist, due to the continuous development of new technologies. In this context, multi-socket rental has become an extremely economical and successful option for many companies. The multiple socket ...
  • What are the characteristics that an electrical panel should have?What are the characteristics that an electrical panel should have?
    An electrical panel is essential because it constitutes the command point of the entire system installed in the home or business. There are two types of protection in an electrical panel (magnetothermic and differential), the important thing is to know its characteristics and identify its advantages to determine the degree of utility that it can ...
  • Prepare your premises for the summer with our air conditioning equipmentPrepare your premises for the summer with our air conditioning equipment
    Air conditioning is an essential device capable of generating comfort and convenience in your business during the hottest season of the year. The summer in Spain experiences a climate that ranges from 13º C to 32º C, therefore, reinforcing the air conditioning system within the premises, constitutes a measure to guarantee the ideal temperature at ...
  • Discover what are ATEX soundproof ventilation boxesDiscover what are ATEX soundproof ventilation boxes
    Do you have a company in which there may be risks of concentration of flammable gases? Are you going to carry out a work and need a ventilation system for a certain time? Some environments are dangerous to the health and safety of the people who are frequently in them. To solve this problem, there ...
  • What is the function of autonomous air conditioning units?What is the function of autonomous air conditioning units?
    The role of autonomous air conditioning units is to air-condition spaces of specific dimensions, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and comfort, after a simple installation and start-up. The dilemma that is part of the process of choosing whether to install a standalone or centralized equipment is which of the two is more convenient. However, although centralized equipment ...
  • 5 things you didn’t know about air curtains5 things you didn't know about air curtains
    Air curtains are used more and more frequently in various spaces. However, few people know clearly what this ventilation system is about, what they are for, how to choose the right one and other aspects around it. If you are interested in discovering five things you did not know about air curtains, keep reading this ...
  • Why rent an outdoor lighting tower?Why rent an outdoor lighting tower?
    The advantages of having an outdoor lighting tower are related to the layout of the spaces where, naturally, the light level is poor or does not exist. The purpose is to extend the stay on the site, with the help of the lighting tower, in order to meet commercial, sporting and social objectives, among others. ...
  • Types of lighting bulbs and what they are forTypes of lighting bulbs and what they are for
    Lighting bulbs are essential equipment that are associated with continuity and productivity in economic and industrial sectors and with everyday life in residential sectors. There are several types of lighting bulbs , which are designed for certain spaces. To choose the correct bulb, you need to take into account power and brightness. In the development of ...
  • What is an air destratifier and what is it for?What is an air destratifier and what is it for?
    A air destratifier It is a ventilation equipment, which also works as a dynamic heat recovery unit. The use of the air destratifier helps to homogenize the temperature of the space where it is installed. Its operating dynamics consists of bringing the hot air from the part closest to the ceiling to the ground and ...
  • Uses of ventilation screensUses of ventilation screens
    The ventilation screens They are an extremely useful industrial instrument to maintain correct air circulation in closed spaces with a lot of traffic of people. They are ideal for temporary installations, in addition to offering other applications. In this article we explain all of them. The ventilation screens can work both horizontally and vertically, according to ...
  • Outdoor Lighting and EnergyOutdoor Lighting and Energy
    People said “winter is coming” with which the days become shorter and there are fewer hours of sun. When we plan our outdoor event, whether it be a celebration or event we have to keep in minnd the lighting to make the most of the day. TST offers light focus with outdoor lighting towers and generators ...
  • Spain, the world’s best tourist destination according to the World Economic ForumSpain, the world’s best tourist destination according to the World Economic Forum
    Our country has surpassed the 135 countries that are part of the report, which evaluates, among other factors, the cultural and natural resources, as well as its infrastructures. It is already the second consecutive year that leads the ranking, improving in 2017 its overall score with 5.4 points out of 7. The rent of apartments, a ...

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