Rental of high pressure equipment and pressure washers.

At TST Servicios Técnicos we have a wide range of pressure washers to meet the highest cleaning expectations with high pressure equipment with hot and cold water. All of our high-pressure equipment is made of strong materials and high-quality components for outstanding performance. In addition, our pressure washers are checked after each rental service to guarantee optimal maintenance and perfect operation in the next rental service.

Use of high pressure washers

Our high pressure cleaners are used in cleaning jobs in the construction sector, industrial for cleaning machinery, mining for cleaning special vehicles and at the domestic level for cleaning facades, swimming pools, walls and floors.

At TST we have our own logistics with conditioned vehicles to transport machinery and offer coverage to emergency services 24H / 360 days a year. We also have personnel specialized in the assembly and disassembly of temporary installations for cleaning stations with high pressure machinery.

Rent as a method of return for your company

More and more industrial companies are realizing the advantages of renting as a method of savings and performance in temporary projects.

The most obvious advantage is that you do not need a large investment in the purchase of high pressure equipment to be able to use them. In rent, you only pay for the time you use the pressure washers. You will save time in maintenance, updating and maintenance of equipment. In addition, the rent is completely tax deductible and has its tax advantages. As you can see in the rent they are all advantages.

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