What are the characteristics that an electrical panel should have?

An electrical panel is essential because it constitutes the command point of the entire system installed in the home or business. There are two types of protection in an electrical panel (magnetothermic and differential), the important thing is to know its characteristics and identify its advantages to determine the degree of utility that it can provide according to the conditions of the place and the needs of the project. Choose from type single phase or three phase It is also decisive, since the supply phases, the voltage and the power, allows you to know if the electrical panel is constituted for residential use or for businesses and industries.

TST Torres Servicios Técnicos has a important catalog of electrical panels state of the art technology. The rental of these devices allows you to access technical advantages, advice and support from a group of qualified technicians, who will help you install the panel that corresponds to the needs of an efficient electrical system in the space designated for it. In addition, you can count on one of the most recognized electrical panel brands in the world: Siemens.

What are the characteristics that an electrical panel should have?

Characteristics that the best electrical panels should have

Single-phase electrical panel

This type of installation is the one generally used in residential buildings, tents and events. Its use in the aforementioned sector is due to the fact that it constitutes a safe element for the assistants or inhabitants, in addition to that they are more economical, due to the fact that they have a single phase, therefore, the power is distributed equally throughout the system , between machinery and equipment for domestic use.

You have them from 3 sockets with thermal protection from 10 A (amps) and a differential protection from 30 mA, from two sockets or in each socket. Its protection indexes to the panel, in general, correspond to the IP67 code, which means that its protection guarantee is: total against dust (6) and that it enjoys said protection submerged in water, up to a maximum of 1 meter (7).

Three-phase electrical panel

It is called triphasic because it has three phases. This type of installation is typical of shops, factories and industrial buildings. The condition for the use of three-phase electrical panels is that the use of motors and machinery that require a minimum power of 14.49 kW is required. There are three-phase electrical panels that are used in constructions for domestic use, but in these cases, the equipment must require a connection of this type, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The best in this category are characterized by having thermal protection from 32 A and differential protection of 30 mA in each tap and / or adjustable digital differential. The sockets can be aerial CEE125A and plate with terminals from 630 A. The sockets of this type of boards can up to 5 pins.


The electrical panel is not limited to being single-phase or three-phase, it can also be mixed and the so-called frequency inverters. The latter have an adjustable potentiometer ideal for motors that require a soft starter.

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