Moisture measurement technicians

“We have technical specialists in the detection and measurement of humidity”

“TST offers services for the rapid drying of mortar or concrete floors for the installation of any type of finish: parquet, resins, linoleum, rubber …”

Moisture measurement technicians

We have a team of PROFESSIONALS in drying, specialized technicians in humidity measurement and air treatment.
techniciens mesure d 'humidité pdfMoisture measurement technicians

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We have technical specialists in humidity detection and measurement. In addition, we use innovative and precise measurement systems such as depth and environmental probe hygrometer, calcium carbide meter, surface hygrometer, humidity hygrometer and particle temperature and humidity meter. These control systems in the drying of humidity allow us to evaluate the drying project to see its needs, requirements and apply the most effective solution.

At Torres Servicios Técnicos, we have a team specialized in planning humidity measurement projects, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions you may have. .

Finally, it should be noted that we have our own logistics to cover our emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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