5 things you didn’t know about air curtains

Air curtains are used more and more frequently in various spaces. However, few people know clearly what this ventilation system is about, what they are for, how to choose the right one and other aspects around it.

If you are interested in discovering five things you did not know about air curtains, keep reading this article. It can help you clarify your doubts and delve into this topic, which is sometimes vital for temporary companies and facilities.

air curtains operation

What are air curtains?

Air curtains are a ventilation installation which is located in some large windows and doors, in order to separate two spaces. This makes it possible to maintain free access for people and vehicles effectively. In short, it is an invisible barrier created with a stream of air.

What are air curtains for?

Studies carried out show that air curtains are really effective, as they manage to keep the climate at the entrance of the space as comfortable and comfortable as the rest of the space. By keeping the space cooled, you avoid unnecessary energy consumption, the balance of temperatures avoids sudden changes between one environment and another, which can sometimes cause colds. They also prevent insects and bad smells from passing from one space to another, which guarantees a clean and comfortable environment.

How to choose an air curtain?

It is important to search expert advice like the ones we offer in TST Servicios , when it comes to installing an air curtain, because some error in the power or location can make it not have the desired effect.

In this sense, it is necessary to take into account some factors such as the height where the discharge diffuser will be located with respect to the ground, the width of the door and the location of other doors or windows with respect to it. Likewise, it is essential to consider the size of the space that is air-conditioned and the characteristics of the heating system or internal cooling, as well as the number of floors that make up the building where the air curtain will work.

How much do they consume?

The energy consumption of the curtains will depend on several factors related to the space that is intended to be set. In this sense, there are air curtains with a maximum power in ventilation of 600W while in heating it can reach 18.6 KW . Evaluating the power of the appliance is a task for the technicians who must guarantee its proper functioning and effectiveness.

Where to find an air curtain?

On Towers Technical Services We have a specialized technical team for each case. We solve problems 24 hours a day, and we offer maintenance with each service provided, along with all the logistics necessary to make this ventilation system work.

It should be noted that renting air curtains is an excellent option because it does not require a large investment to purchase this system, while the installation and maintenance would be in charge of the service provider. This option also represents tax advantages and is tax deductible. For all this, it is increasingly used.

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