Rental of machinery and applications for drying and extraction of humidity in works, public buildings and flooded areas.

In our drying division of Torres Technical Services, we have a wide range of applications and machinery for the drying of damp in construction sites, home renovations and flooded areas . We have extensive experience in drying moisture from floors, walls and ceilings, using machinery and applications such as infrared heaters, electric heaters, hot air generators and dehumidifiers .

Our machinery is checked after each rental service for optimal maintenance and perfect operation. We also have a specialized technical department for planning drying projects, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions you may have about our moisture drying equipment.

We also have an emergency service available 24 hours a day with drying and own logistics, to provide a fast and efficient service.

At Torres Servicios Técnicos we have more than 40 years of experience in the sector of drying moisture in buildings under construction and flooded areas.

Why do moisture drying?

Moisture can be a problem in renovations of ceilings and walls en para civil works, buildings under construction, shopping centers, schools, museums, hospitals and public buildings. It also delays the work of construction workers such as painters, electricians and parquet installations. Humidity not only affects the delivery times of the work, it also directly affects the deterioration of the building or room in which it operates.

The benefits you will have with proper moisture drying are obvious.

  • Activarás la obra o reforma del inmueble sin retrasar el tiempo de la entrega
  • Evitarás daños mayores en caso de inundación
  • Te anticiparás a la erosión de la estructura por la humedad
  • Respetarás los tiempos definidos de electricistas, pintores y otros operarios.

Why rent moisture drying machinery?

In rental services, you do not need to make a large investment in the purchase of machinery to dry moisture. You will only pay for the time you use the drying equipment. You will save expenses in maintenance and storage. In addition, the rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. We have a specialist team in the repair or replacement of equipment in case of breakdowns. As you can see, in the rent everything are advantages.

We have delegations in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Seville and Morocco to provide support throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco.

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