Rental of portable air conditioning equipment and Spot coolers


“Portable air conditioning equipment for rent to cool small and medium areas: rooms, offices or homes. Suitable for any space. Elegant design for events. Economic and professional prices”


Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW RKL

Portable rental air conditioners ready to plug in and run. Its small dimensions and ease of transport make it suitable for quick and mobile installations in small spaces.
Great cooling capacity. Ready for immediate use without the need for works or installation. Easy and efficient dehumidification system. Practical electronic system with digital display for temperature control and operating mode.
rental Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW RKL pdf Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW RKL

Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW TCL

Rental of portable air conditioning equipment to cool work areas, offices or homes.
Compact and lightweight construction with extraction of hot air through a flexible duct.
Great cooling capacity. Ready for immediate use without the need for works or installation.
rental Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW TCL pdf Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW TCL

Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW NPB

Rental of portable air conditioning equipment (cold only, not heating) designed to immediately air-condition any place.
Its design is elegant, light, compact and handy. It offers great versatility for use in each type of premises or area.
rental Air conditioner portable 3,5 KW NPB pdf Portable air conditioning  3,5 KW NPB

Portable air conditioning with heat pump 3,5 KW


Efficient portable air conditioners with wheels, designed to immediately air-condition any place.

Its design is elegant, light, compact and manageable.

It offers great versatility for use in each type of premises or area.

Efficient and low noise level is ideal for any space.

Power of 3.5 kW in cold and 2.9 KW in heating.

Sweep ventilation, air conditioning, dehumidification (1.2 L/h).

Timer + remote control.

Includes PVC rule to connect hot air accessories.

 Rental of portable air conditioning with heat pump 3,5 KW pdfPortable heat pump equipment 3,5 KW

 Spot Cooler 2 outputs

Always carry the air conditioning with you.
Rental of portable air conditioning equipment designed to immediately cool any place.
Its light and handy design offers great versatility for use in every type of room or area.

rental Spot Cooler 2 outputs

pdfPortable spot cooler 2 outputs – 6,2 KW

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We have a wide range of compact and portable air conditioners with different characteristics for air conditioning interiors and cooling materials.

In our portable air conditioner division we have a wide range of small compact units with different characteristics and powers from 3.5 Kw to 6.2 Kw. Our air conditioning units are manufactured with high quality materials and components to achieve a stable emission of cold air and optimize electricity consumption . In addition, all our equipment is checked after each rental service to guarantee efficient maintenance and perfect operation.
At TST Servicios Técnicos we are specialists in temporary air conditioning installations , we take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Technical consultations on the HVAC project, project development, equipment preparation, temporary HVAC installation, maintenance and disassembly once the lease period is over. Our engineers are specialized in contingency plans for HVAC projects in facility tests or to avoid a HVAC supply outage.

Portable Air Conditioner Rental

We abide by the ravages that heat waves can cause in the summer months and high temperatures in work areas where the lack of comfort in the workplace environment reduces performance of the operator. Our compact air conditioning with heat pump equipment guarantees comfortable atmospheres so that your operators work in optimal conditions, the air conditioning of the meeting room in the office is adequate or the temperature control of your event be all success for the assistants.
Our air conditioning machines are the best option in cases where the local air conditioning supply equipment is faulty or needs to be repaired. With TST Servicios Técnicos you will not run out of cold air or heating .

Temporary air conditioning installations

Our temporary air conditioning installations are easy to maintain and quick to install. In addition, we have grids and ducts to remove the equipment from the area to be air-conditioned and protect the visual aspect that you want to transmit. The advantages of our portable air conditioners are: their mobility, their reduced dimensions and small size, they do not need works for the installation of the ducts and they work immediately when connected to the power outlet. We assure you a quick air conditioning without waiting.

Penguins air conditioning for offices and meeting rooms

We have a large number of portable compact air conditioners, also called “air conditioning penguins” to air-condition rooms, meeting rooms, offices or stands at fairs. It should be noted that cold air penguins are ultra efficient, having minimal electricity consumption and high efficiency in air conditioning. Heat pump air conditioners are ideal for air conditioning spaces that lack air conditioning or the air conditioning supply equipment is faulty .

Air conditioning rental with Spot Cooler equipment

Spot Coolers are compact high-power air conditioning units ideal for air conditioning rooms, workstations and rooms with network servers where high temperatures can be a danger to computer equipment. They are also used in industry to cool materials on assembly lines. The Spot Cooler equipment has several tubes depending on the model, to direct the cold air right where you need it. This system makes it very versatile for applying cold air and air conditioning areas. The advantages of the Spot Coolers are their ease of movement thanks to their large wheels, they do not require installation on site and their high efficiency of immediate cooling when connected to the power outlet. Ideal for temporary air conditioning of rooms or cooling of machinery.

Air conditioning for events

We are the trusted partner for many companies creating large and small events. They trust us to heat events outdoors or in venues, fair stalls and temporary event tents.

Why rent a compact air conditioner or Spot Cooler?

More and more companies see renting a safe value for their temporary air conditioning projects with heating and air conditioning. Here are four advantages of renting portable air conditioning equipment.

  • You don’t need to make a big investment in buying a portable air conditioner.
  • You will save maintenance and storage costs.
  • The rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible.
  • We have a team specialized in the repair or replacement of equipment in case of breakdowns.
  • As you can see in the rent, everything is advantages!

    Air conditioning rental price

    The rental price of our equipment varies directly depending on the period of time they are used. It is not the same to rent our air conditioning equipment for several days, weeks, months or for a long period of time, the latter being the most advantageous since it represents up to 40% savings in the initial budget

Portable air conditioning and equipment rental Spot Cooler

Our headquarters in Spain, TST Technical Services

At our headquarters we have a large number of solutions and applications for rent for air conditioning with air conditioning and heating. We also have other equipment and machinery for autonomous electrical supply, ventilation, high flow pumps and motor pumps, industrial cold and lighting for temporary installations. We have equipment and logistics with more than 38 vehicles that offer coverage to our emergency rapid response services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Highlight our technicians specialized in consultations for planning of air conditioning projects, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions that may have about our air conditioning equipment.
We have delegations in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Murcia and Morocco to provide support throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco.

Portable air conditioning rental in Barcelona

At our headquarters in Barcelona we have compact autonomous air conditioning units to air-condition small, medium and large spaces. We are the perfect ally for air conditioning installation companies that need a source of climate emission while they repair the installation or damaged equipment

Leasing of air conditioning for large volumes in Madrid

At the TST Madrid headquarters we have compact air conditioning modules suitable for air conditioning large volumes of space. Prefects for air conditioning, hotels, public buildings, schools, hospitals, exhibition fairs, theaters and event tents

Air conditioning rental for industry in Bilbao

The TST Bilbao headquarters have compact portable air conditioning units suitable for air conditioning in small spaces such as bedrooms, meeting rooms and offices.

Rent portable air conditioning penguins in Valencia

Our TST Valencia headquarters is equipped with cold air units suitable for industrial processes. It also has penguins to air-condition small rooms such as bedrooms, offices, work areas and meeting rooms.

Lease of temporary air conditioning in Seville

In our delegation in Seville we have equipment for air conditioning with heating or air conditioning for events. We are the trusted partner of clubs and associations to create comfort in the stands of the April fair in Seville

Rental of compact cold air equipment in Murcia

Our TST headquarters in Murcia has cold air units with heat pump for processes and agricultural applications. It also has Sopt Cooler air conditioning equipment suitable for work in agricultural warehouses


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