Uses of ventilation screens

The ventilation screens They are an extremely useful industrial instrument to maintain correct air circulation in closed spaces with a lot of traffic of people. They are ideal for temporary installations, in addition to offering other applications. In this article we explain all of them.

ventilation screen

The ventilation screens can work both horizontally and vertically, according to the needs of the user, always guaranteeing a great flow of air and quality in it. Specifically, they have a powerful asynchronous motor that can handle both suction and delivery work , in addition to being almost completely soundproof in large spaces. Another advantage they offer is their ease of movement by means of four large and efficient wheels. With them it is possible to transfer them to any part where it is needed.

Adequate ventilation is essential

The need for adequate indoor ventilation comes as a result of the many health conditions that can be caused by inhaling polluted or poor air.

The consequences of breathing poor quality air are extremely dire, and can even be lethal. For example, each year in Spain there are a hundred deaths due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Without going so far, the simple fact of not properly ventilating our space at home or in the office, can lead to extremely dangerous diseases, worsen conditions such as asthma or sinusitis, and increase the risk of contagion of infectious diseases.

It is for all this that it is essential to have efficient ventilation screens in closed spaces with a lot of traffic of people. These screens are made of high quality materials to guarantee a good performance of their functions and durability.

Rental of ventilation screens

Today, it is possible to opt for the rental of one of these equipment, such as the ones we offer in TST services . The expert team guarantees its revision after each service and in addition, we offer an adequate maintenance service so that they can develop an optimal operation in the next installation.

It should be noted that ventilation screens are in high demand for demolition work, welding inside pipes and silos, to extract smoke in restaurants, and for ventilation in tunnels. All these functions are essential to guarantee adequate work development, in addition to ensuring the well-being and health of people.

To the rent a ventilation screen It is important to hire a team specialized in project planning to carry out the corresponding measurement and advisory tasks, in order to choose the right screen for the power function, unit size, among other factors.

Advantages of renting a ventilation screen

The rental of ventilation screens has clear advantages compared to the purchase of the equipment in question, among other reasons for being exempt from maintenance and repair work , paying only for time of use of the unit.

These equipment are ideal for temporary work to extract smoke, dust, gases and air, which has multiple benefits for health and work comfort, which is why it is extremely beneficial to consider renting one of these equipment.

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