Prepare your premises for the summer with our air conditioning equipment

Air conditioning is an essential device capable of generating comfort and convenience in your business during the hottest season of the year. The summer in Spain experiences a climate that ranges from 13º C to 32º C, therefore, reinforcing the air conditioning system within the premises, constitutes a measure to guarantee the ideal temperature at times when the heat becomes more intense.

Conditioning your premises in order to receive the usual summer clientele, it is necessary to prevent heat waves from ruining the business . It is recommended that you use the appropriate equipment that allows you to maintain the required comfort levels, greater control of energy expenditure and other economic advantages. At TST Torres Technical Services renting equipment includes benefits that relieve the burden of the season, plus you have access to high levels of technology and technical advice when you need it.

Prepare your premises for the summer with our air conditioning equipment

The best air conditioners to condition your premises in summer

Air splits

This is the most versatile air conditioning option, they are practical and easy to install. Its air conditioning system is one of the most efficient, ideal for those who wish to achieve optimal levels of air conditioning in their premises without resulting in an increase in the electricity bill. In addition, it is a silent device and its designs will not clash with the decoration of your premises, since you have different designs available: compact, cassette type and column type.

Portable air conditioning

This air conditioning model is ideal for spaces where there is a concentration of heat. They efficiently cool spaces and consume less energy than a standard air conditioner. It is easily transported and requires no installation. They can be part of any space, without detracting from the concept of decoration. You can see here, all our portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are the most recommended for businesses that receive public in the summer time. At TST Torres Servicios Técnicos, these units have an electronic system to facilitate temperature control and the mode of operation. You can also buy them with heat pumps and flexible ducts, for greater versatility.

Autonomous air conditioning units

The choice of air conditioning to heat your premises in summer depends on the requirements of the space. Autonomous equipment is an effective option for all types of premises, especially without large spaces. Those that have the heat pump option, consume less energy than a centralized system and have a cooling capacity that ranges from 10 kW to 100 kW. If you want to air conditioner large volumes or spaces, you can see our autonomous air conditioners

Climate right where you need it

The intensity of the heat during the summer can lead you to channel the air in specific areas of your premises using air distribution ducts. These instruments are very useful when it comes to conditioning spaces. They are flexible, high residence and easy to install.

The technical advice and the equipment you need for your business to achieve the air conditioning that a demanding clientele requires, you can find it at TST Torres Servicios Técnicos, accessing here .

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