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“We sure have the industrial humidifier you need to control ambient humidity, ask us”


Ideal for offices, music rooms, bookstores, museums, art rooms, warehouses, computer rooms, telephone exchanges, laboratories, hospitals, etc.
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In Torres Technical Services icos, say We have several models of industrial humidifiers with different characteristics. Manufactured with high quality materials and components for extraordinary performance.or, the TST humidifiers are ideal for controlling the humidity of the environment. In addition, they are checked after each rental service to guarantee good maintenance and perfect operation.

The use of a humidifier it is subject to seasonal changes and characteristics of the environment that surrounds us that alter the humidity in the air we breathe. The humidity inside a company has to oscillate between a 40% or 55% If it exceeds these percentages, it can be detrimental to health and decrease worker productivity and comfort.

Excess moisture also affects materials such as wooden furniture, causes paint to peel off the walls, and produces static electricity.

Our industrial humidifiers are in demand for the humidity control in offices, bookstores, music rooms, art rooms, warehouses, laboratories and hospitals.

At Torres Servicios Técnic you, We have a team specialized in planning projects with humidifiers, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions you may have. arise .

Finally, it should be noted that we have our own logistics to cover our emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Advantages of renting an industrial humidifier

The biggest advantage is that you will not have to perform a great investment to buy a humidifier. You will only pay for the time you use it. Humidifiers are ideal for temporary humidity control in offices, libraries and laboratories. You will not have additional expenses in maintenance and storage. In addition, the rent is tax deductible and has tax advantages. Finally, it should be noted that we have a technical team for quick repair or replacement of rented equipment.

As you can see, in the rent they are all advantages!

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