Equipment rental for municipalities and public bodies

TST Servicios we have extensive experience in holding and collaborating in the development of public events for Town Halls. We offer reliable and efficient rental solutions as autonomous electricity supply, lighting and air conditioning equipment for holding small, medium and large events with worldwide repercussions. The municipalities have a great agenda of regional festivals, musical events, exhibitions, gastronomic fairs and sporting events to meet. We know the complexity of the organization, planning and development of events in Town councils and public bodies to make everything a success .

We are aware of the importance of acoustics and aesthetics At events, for this reason, we can remove the electrical supply and air conditioning equipment from the event. We have cable extensions to take light points where you need them. Also, we have different ducts and grilles to channel and distribute hot or cold air in the key areas of your event. Also we have specialized technicians who ensure that everything is perfect and only have to attend to those attending the party or exhibition.

We are creative and efficient to solve any special characteristic of your patronal, regional festival, exhibition or sporting event, working with our experience is always an added value.

Rental of power generators for events in Town Halls without power lines

We have a large fleet of electric generators and generators with different characteristics to satisfy the highest expectations in power supply for your event . We also have additional accessories such as electrical distribution panels, UPS’s for the protection of electrical equipment, transformers, cable extensions and socket outlets. We are specialists supplying energy in events that do not have power lines or that need an extra source of reinforcement. In addition, we have mother tanks so that the refueling of equipment is less. We have everything you need in electric power so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Temporary air conditioning rental

Our solutions in air conditioning they are very varied we can air-condition small, medium and large spaces with air conditioning or
heating . We have compact units that generate hot air, electric fan heaters, infrared thermal applications, heaters and garden stoves. Also, we have compact units for temporary and portable air conditioning . At TST we have one goal, provide a temperature comfort to the attendees of your event . Highlight samples water chillers with temperatures below zero indicated for installation and ice rink maintenance . Also, we have Fresher type water sprayers for temperature control in sporting events and outdoor parties.

Autonomous temporary lighting rental for parties and events

Lighting in an event is of great importance, at TST we have a large number of temporary lighting equipment for events . Among the equipment that they demand from us are indoor and outdoor led floodlights, track lights ideal for art exhibitions, and our fixed streetlights for common transit areas. We highlight our autonomous lighting towers for lighting in places without power lines. We are specialized in the interior lighting of tents and areas adjacent to them such as car parks without power lines

Why we?

  • We have extensive experience in collaboration and development of events.
  • Our generator sets are used for contingency plans and prevention of unexpected power outages at events.
  • Versatile air conditioning equipment that works with water, air and gas depending on the application.
  • HVAC units with maximum efficiency to generate air conditioning or heating in large volumes.
  • Equipment revised and in perfect working order
  • Rapid response to emergencies, we have a service of emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Specialized technicians in the assembly and disassembly of events
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles specialized in the transport of machinery for events.
  • Technical team specialized in advising on applications for events

Our locations

TST Servicios Técnicos has a business network throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Our main headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Murcia offering coverage to supply electrical supply, air conditioning and lighting applications for events in town halls.

Some evaluations of our clients

Lucas Andreo: “Very good heating equipment rental services, punctual in assembly. They also solved a local installation problem in the factory heating ducts. I recommend the service with them. »

Adrián Marcano: «I recommend this company, we called them for an emergency and they managed it very well. Fast and professional. »

victor jurado virgilio: «Excellent company, very serious and very fast. I did not expect such good service »

Rental of applications and equipment for the City Council and public organizations

Rental price of our equipment

The rental price of our equipment varies directly depending on the period of time that they are used. It is not the same to rent our industrial equipment for several days, weeks, months, than for a long period of time. The latter being the most advantageous by assuming up to 40% savings on the initial budget . Request a quote to rent applications for electrical power, air conditioning and lighting in town halls

Advantages of renting our equipment

The main advantage is that you do not need to make a large investment in the purchase of the equipment to use them. In the rent you only pay for the time you use the contracted equipment. Forget about the maintenance, security and storage of equipment and machinery. In addition, the rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. In the rental you will always use the most advanced equipment as the renewal of machinery and equipment is constant. How do you see in the rent everything are advantages!

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We work throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco

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