Reasons for power outages

Power outages can be caused by multiple reasons. The electricity supply is a seemingly limitless source that is generated in power plants . But on its route of operation the Sine wave It can suffer some type of disturbance, which means that the normal voltage that changes from positive to negative value 60 times per second, is altered by an unusual phenomenon, generally external to the system and unpredictable. Understanding the causes of power outages allows you to have a clearer idea of the time in which it can be solved.

Also, that you can foresee alternatives in case it happens. Although the causes of power outages are related to the weather, prolonged maintenance, equipment failure or human errors, there are options on the market that can mitigate the consequences, especially if a power outage could cause economic damage, industrial, health, among others. The alternative is the rental of machinery that provides an electrical supply autonomous or that provide energy in case of service interruptions.

Reasons for power outages

What are the reasons for power outages?

When we speak of power outage we are referring to service interruption. This interruption can last a very short time or be prolonged, depending on the severity of the cause. Power outages also occur in the home, and this responds to specific problems with the internal distribution system or a specific problem in the switches. But on a larger scale, the reasons why there is a power outage are the following:

By transitory disturbance

These disturbances to the electrical supply when they are impulsive affect current levels, since they are produced by sudden events that raise the voltage. The causes are the magnetic field that produces a lightning strike, poor grounding, electrostatic discharges and ignition of inductive loads. Of all the aforementioned causes, the most damaging and causing severe problems to the electricity supply are lightning. The electromagnetic field produced by the rays can affect exposed parts of the system, without even impacting them.

By interruptions

An interruption is a cut due to total loss of voltage or current. Its duration can be momentary, temporary or sustained. Interruptions can be caused by damage to the power grid from accidents, severe weather conditions, failure of distribution equipment, such as failure of basic circuit breakers. There are scheduled interruptions by the service provider companies, but these cuts are always informed in advance.

Voltage drop or undervoltage

Power supply cuts due to voltage drop are caused by system failures, as a result of the ignition of loads with a high demand for starting current.For example, the starting of motors in an industrial plant that is connected to the same supply network of a certain population.

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