Types of lighting bulbs and what they are for

Lighting bulbs are essential equipment that are associated with continuity and productivity in economic and industrial sectors and with everyday life in residential sectors. There are several types of lighting bulbs , which are designed for certain spaces. To choose the correct bulb, you need to take into account power and brightness.

In the development of an event, or when you carry out an important project that requires a special type of lighting, renting the spotlights provides many advantages. First, because you are saving the investment of the purchase and everything that the transport and installation process entails. Second, because when renting the company it offers you a series of advantages, among which are: technical advice and installation, in addition to the replacement of the bulb, if it presents failures. It also has access to a significant number and variety of state-of-the-art lighting bulbs.

Types of lighting bulbs and what they are for

What are the types of lighting bulbs and what do you need them for?

In addition to the power and light efficiency , the choice of the type of lighting source for your business, ongoing project or home also depends on the characteristics of the space, the activity being carried out and the type of lighting you require. There are several types of lighting bulbs, and each group has its share of contribution and effectiveness, let’s see what each of these teams are for:

LED spotlights

LED lighting bulbs are known equipment because they provide quality and energy efficiency. LED technology can provide energy savings of approximately 85%. Also, its service life can reach 54,000 hours. This set includes the indoor and outdoor LED floodlights, designed for use in sporting events, specifically in spaces such as pavilions, marquees and stadiums. Also in the industrial area, in warehouses, industrial warehouses and ports. Additionally, these spotlights are also ideal for illuminating streets and open spaces.

If what you are interested in is recreating a specific type of lighting to expose the merchandise in your business, the LED floodlight It is ideal to generate a type of concentrated lighting and to highlight the colors in interior and exterior decorations.


They are known as low-energy bulbs or bulbs. Your savings level reaches 80% compared to traditional light bulbs. Its useful life is between 6,000 and 10,000 hours. It is mainly recommended for corridors and areas of constant traffic.


These types of spotlights are the ones that have the greatest similarity to natural light. Energy savings reach 30% and its useful life is 2,000 hours. The difference with LED spotlights is that halogens do emit heat and are designed to create accent lighting for decorations in commercial premises, hotels, among others.

The ideal lighting bulbs for your business, project and events, you can find them accessing here . Do not miss the opportunity to offer better lighting to your spaces.

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