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Professional team

More than 60 people guarantee the global service that TST offers, from maintenance technicians to logistics managers, ensuring that each service provided to the client has the guarantee of a Professional Team.

Professional Technician Team

Customized work

More and more customers need tailor-made solutions and the customer is always right. We not only carry out the rental of specific machinery such as generators, air conditioning, fans, water chillers, water pumps, motor pumps, etc. Instead, we look for better solutions according to performance, economy and benefits for the needs of the project.

TST technicians, custom project

Professional logistics

We manage the transport, storage and supply of more than 10,000 machines a year ourselves thanks to our own logistics team, without external companies, this is the competitive advantage that makes TST offer the best and fastest rental service for equipment, machinery and equipment. temporary installations of generators, air conditioning, fans, water chillers, water pumps, motor pumps, etc.


Own and specialized logistics

Each division of TST offers machinery
and specific solutions

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