What is the function of autonomous air conditioning units?

The role of autonomous air conditioning units is to air-condition spaces of specific dimensions, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and comfort, after a simple installation and start-up. The dilemma that is part of the process of choosing whether to install a standalone or centralized equipment is which of the two is more convenient. However, although centralized equipment has a greater scope, autonomous air conditioning equipment can provide localized, differential, more personalized air conditioning, in addition to consuming less energy while still offering high quality.

When the hottest time of year is approaching, count on an air conditioning equipment efficient is the guarantee of spending a season under optimal temperature conditions inside the home, business or office. If you need an autonomous air conditioning unit, you should know that its advantages are quite significant: it works by direct exchange between the air and the refrigerant, it does not need water as a heat transfer fluid, additionally, its batteries are of direct expansion .

What is the function of autonomous air conditioning units?

The role of autonomous air conditioning units

Self-contained air conditioners can be portable, window, plits, and compact outdoor equipment. They fulfill the same function as air conditioners in centralized systems: they cool the air or provide the cool to cold climate that indoor spaces require. The difference is in scope and installation. Autonomous equipment is simpler to install, so they are ideal for conditioning spaces temporarily or for a long time.

For events, temporary installations, projects or emergencies due to breakdowns in the home’s air conditioning, the rental of autonomous air conditioning equipment is the most effective solution. In TST Torres Servicios Técnicos these equipment are valued with the latest technology, in addition to having technical support from the moment you establish the service relationship, in which you will also have the opportunity to know the remote management of equipment .

In the function of autonomous air conditioning equipment, thermal quality, indoor air quality and energy efficiency stand out. These equipments generally have an evaporating unit that is placed inside and a condensing unit that is located outside. The power can range between 2,000 and 7,000 W, and although they are identified as devices that only cool rooms, there are those that perform heating functions in winter.

What do you get from self-contained air conditioners?

By basing its operation on direct air cooling, autonomous air conditioning is a piece of equipment that provides significant advantages over a centralized system. Its high performance and long service life are indisputable, but the operational advantage is related to the ability to quickly reach the set temperature, that is, it cools the space in half the time of centralized equipment.

The models and types of autonomous air conditioners that you need for your business or home can be found at TST Torres Servicios Técnicos. Login here and choose the one that suits your needs.

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