Why rent an outdoor lighting tower?

The advantages of having an outdoor lighting tower are related to the layout of the spaces where, naturally, the light level is poor or does not exist. The purpose is to extend the stay on the site, with the help of the lighting tower, in order to meet commercial, sporting and social objectives, among others. This equipment is easy to transport and does not require an excessive amount of wiring to function. One of the best lighting towers you can count on, are the autonomous ones, which save fuel and contribute to reduce CO₂ emissions .

Renting a light tower gives you access to technologically advanced equipment, high efficiency and long useful life. With TST Torres Servicios Técnicos, the lease also includes the transfer, the installation, the technical monitoring, as well as the 24-hour emergency service. In case of breakdowns, the company performs the replacement of the lighting tower, at no additional cost. The outdoor light tower has a mechanism that makes it resistant to the most demanding conditions and a current generator motor , which belongs to the generator sets, which provides autonomy.

Why rent an outdoor lighting tower?

The importance of renting an outdoor lighting tower

An outdoor lighting tower is necessary in construction and maintenance works, outdoor events, filming and filming, emergency situations and in case they are warranted for precaution and security in strategic places. The height is designed to have a significant reach, so its usefulness is indisputable in construction and paving projects. In turn, when specific work is carried out in areas where there is no electricity, the rental of lighting towers is a useful action.

What makes lighting towers essential is that it enhances the levels of prevention and safety, it also conditions productivity, since by providing light, work should not stop at night, or in other circumstances in which clarity natural is scarce. Another important aspect is that it helps to save energy, for example, the 4x290W outdoor lighting tower, is a self-contained equipment with the capacity to save up to 75% of fuel and can operate for up to 240 hours without interruption.

Outdoor lighting towers that you need in your project

  • The 6-bulb outdoor lighting tower has a UV filter included. The bulbs are halogen type and emit a neutral white color. The 6 projectors it has are highly efficient and are characterized by their long service life.
  • The outdoor lighting tower with 4 lights, is an equipment with ease of transfer, it has a hitch system that allows the equipment to be towed. Its technology is LED and its high efficiency is linked to the fact that it is one of the equipment of this type, considered ecological.

At TST Torres Servicios Técnicos you can find the most effective outdoor lighting tower with the longest range. If you need to rent yours, enter here and equip yourself with the best lighting equipment on the market.

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