Quality politics


Offer a set of services and solutions that allow our clients to solve their needs with complete confidence and peace of mind thanks to our technical knowledge, our quick response, our commitment and our willingness. Create a sympathetic chain between suppliers, clients, company, society and employees that is balanced and sustained by personal relationships, emotions, economic flow and mutual responsibility commitments.


Create a solid and flexible business structure, open to new ideas and new projects in order to translate them into new solutions for our clients and thus become pioneers and leaders in a variety of services, benefits, innovations and search for solutions as society changes at the level state.



The search for perfection in all the actions of the company makes us be continuously on the move, awake, attentive, and that makes us feel success every day.


Finding new solutions, imagining new mechanisms, learning about new technology and applying it to our daily work with creativity, offering a continuous contribution of solutions to the needs of our clients, our co-workers and our environment.

Economic strength

Obtaining economic benefits is the basic support of all the people and families that surround the Torres Group: employees, managers, suppliers, clients and creditors, all united in ramification supported by the economic result of a job well done.


The illusion of today’s work, of achieving small goals, of smiling heartily makes us imagine a better future, always better.

Interest in people

You can listen to the you to you in every corner of the Torres Group, how are you doing? How are you feeling? How can I help you? You just need to put your ear.


People united in an activity for the same objective or different objectives, but united, with the ultimate aim of recognizing a job well done, the affection of our environment and their own well-being.


Management commitment to continuous improvement

The Management undertakes to comply with all the regulatory requirements established by the UNE ISO 9001:2015 standard, through the Quality objectives, to work for system compliance and continuous improvement.

Legal Commitment

The company undertakes to comply with all legal and contractual requirements that concern its activity.
Social commitment

Concern for the state of our environment, people, families, mountains, oceans, the environment, Nature and actively respond to actions that damage the natural balance of things.

Commitment to results

It is the responsibility of the Torres Group to obtain the best economic, organizational, strategic and training results to ensure the direct well-being of the people who make up the group and their families; and indirectly ensure the well-being of its customers, suppliers and creditors.

Engagement with the client

Ensuring the responsibility that customers have placed on us with their needs and responding with the greatest possible success.

Future commitment

The Torres Group is committed every day to ensure a better future for the people who make up the group, their families, their suppliers, their clients and their creditors.

Scope of the quality system

The scope of the TST Quality system includes: Rental of air conditioning equipment, generator sets, drying, ventilation, industrial cold, water pumping and lighting.

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