Rent and much more

TST Servicios Técnicos is much more than a company of rental of machinery and services .

Specialized in contingency plans

Contingency plan

At TST Servicios we have specialized technicians in the design of emergency contingency plans adapted to your needs so that your company or business has extra coverage in air conditioning or power outage demands and can continue production without having to stop.

Equipment with remote management for your convenience

Remote management of equipment for your convenience

We have incorporated new Apps and applications from remote control and telemetry for our equipment and machinery. With these new implementations we improve control and remote assistance. At TST we seek your comfort

24 hour emergency solutions - 365 days a year

24 hour emergency solutions – 365 days a year

We have a lots of solutions for emergencies in:

  1. Generating sets, cable extensions, UPS-UPS, electrical protection and starting panels
  2. Air conditioning or heating
  3. Temperature control in industrial processes with chillers
  4. Ventilation and air renewal equipment for tunnels and works
  5. Pumps and motor pumps for drainage
  6. Self-contained and power-wired lighting resources
  7. Applications for moisture extraction and drying
Specialists in events, industry and construction

Specialists in events, industry and construction

TST Servicios Técnicos was founded in 1975, since then we have only worked to improve our machinery and services divisions that cover a large number of needs in air conditioning, electrical power, ventilation, lighting and drainage. At TST we strive to improve the high expectations our clients have of us.

Emergency power service

Emergency power service

Our emergency service is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we have our own logistics so that be more efficient and faster than ever.

Assemblies in record time

Assemblies in record time

Service in less than 2 hours at TST Services locations

TST Torres Servicios Técnicos -

We work throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco

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