Rental of electrical panels for distribution, protection, automatic motor starting and frequency inverters.

Our electrical power division, TST Servicios Técnicos has a wide range of electrical protection, distribution and motor starter panels. All our electrical panels are made of resistant materials and high-quality Siemens components to offer optimal protection of the electrical lines and perfect operation. In addition, they are checked after each rental service for good maintenance and perfect operation.

Use of our electrical panels

Our electrical panels are used for a wide variety of applications but we can highlight the services of rental of electrical panels for distribution and protection of electrical lines in temporary industrial applications, constructions, auxiliary panels in works and lighting panels for events. Another service in high demand is the rental of starter panels for pumps in the mining and agricultural sector.

Electrical panels of surfaces for protection and distribution

This type of panels are ideal for the protection of electrical lines with circuit breakers and differentials in temporary installations in industry, works and events.

Watertight electrical panels with IP67 protection for single and three-phase (models with plugs and industrial connection bases).

Ideal for the protection and distribution of electrical lines abroad. Its great stability makes it possible to protect the safety components from external weather agents such as water, humidity, sun and dust. Indicated for temporary installations abroad in events, works and temporary agricultural applications.

Cabinet with Stand-By switched automatic start system.

Ideal for controlling generator sets connected to another energy source or to the electrical network. They are also suitable for safety and security applications in industrial processes, in government buildings and hospitals.

Motor starting panels with frequency inverters

Ideal for starting electric motors progressively, offering safety when starting and protecting the motor from possible damage. They are demanded in the industrial and mining sectors mainly for starting industrial extraction pumps.

Own logistics, security service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At TST Servicios Técnicos we have technicians specialized in advising electrical panels for your project. In addition, we have a large fleet of vehicles equipped for the rapid transport of machinery and equipment. Our own logistics offer support to the emergency service 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Finally, it should be noted that our operators are trained to assemble and disassemble your temporary facilities, so that you only have to worry about what is really important.

Rent as a business advantage

More and more companies are aware of the advantages offered by the rental of machinery and equipment. The most obvious advantage is that it is not necessary to make a large investment to use the machinery or equipment. The rent is only paid in relation to the time of use of the machinery and equipment. In addition, you save on machinery renewal, maintenance, storage and protection insurance. Rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. As you can see in the rental of machines and equipment they are all advantages!

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