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Rental of equipment for decoration

At TST Servicios Técnicos we have a wide variety of equipment to meet the highest expectations in setting up events. All of our equipment is made of durable materials and high-quality components to ensure outstanding performance. In addition, our scent equipment is checked after the rental service to offer excellent maintenance and operation in the next rental service.

Setting equipment for sporting events, concerts, open-air parties and exhibitions in closed venues. .

Fresher water sprayer with water nurse tank: Ideal sports races in summer, concerts, parties and open-air events.

Air purifying equipment: Indicated to improve air quality in closed places with little ventilation

Large volume fragrance equipment (spaces): Ideal for events where you want your brand to be related to a specific smell or to improve the guests’ stay at the event.

Humidifier Equipment: Ideal for humidity control in offices, libraries, music rooms, art rooms, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals and tent events.

At TST we have a technician specialized in air conditioning for temporary events, our own logistics for rapid transport of machinery, assembly and disassembly of temporary facilities.

Why rent?

More and more event planning companies and industrial maintenance companies are realizing the benefits of renting as an upward value in saving resources, time and money. In the rent you only pay for the time you use the heating equipment. You save money on maintenance and equipment storage. In addition, it is tax deductible and has its tax advantages. As you can see in the rent they are all advantages!

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