Installation of electrical supply with super soundproofed generator set for your events

At TST Technical Services we have a new fleet of 150 KVA Synchro Stage V Super Silenced generator sets capable of working below 50dB in sound level at 10 m. Ideal for supplying energy to events or in urban environments, avoiding annoying noise for attendees and neighbours.

We know how complex the development and creation of events can be. At TST Servicios we have extensive experience in air conditioning, ventilation and electrical supply for temporary events of all kinds. We are the trusted partners of many organizers of small, medium and large international events. More than 40 years in the sector endorse us as a benchmark company at a national level.
We take care of everything so that you only worry about what is truly important, the attention of your guests. Technical consultations, equipment preparation, transport, installations, machine maintenance, scheduled refueling, disassembly and collection of equipment. In addition, we must highlight our technical maintenance service for equipment and facilities that ensure the proper functioning and successful development of the event.


Why supply energy with soundproof generator sets.

  • These power generators work below 50db, the (WHO) World Health Organization considers that 70db is the desirable upper limit
  • They are equipped with protections for an extreme reduction of the sound emitted by the engine and other components.
  • This allows the generator sets to be installed close to the event without the need to move the equipment and add extra cable extensions.
  • Also, avoid complaints from neighbors when the event is located in urban centers or areas with acoustic limitations.

Practical example of the application of our super soundproof generator sets

Room air conditioning for Palo Alto events located in Poblenou, Barcelona.

We installed two industrial watertight hot air generators with their heating ducts. Our Hércules 70 heating units are capable of heating a 600 m2 room super efficiently. In addition, we supply power to the sound, audiovisual and lighting systems with two ultra-quiet 150 KVA Sincro Stage V generator sets in synchronization. Of course, the entire event was supervised by our on-site maintenance technician.

Discover everything we can offer you for the celebration of your event

150 KVA Synchro Stage V Super Silenced Generator Rental

When to rent a generator set?

  • You can rent a generator set as a safety measure in a contingency plan so that your industry does not stop due to an unexpected power outage
  • When the new electricity supply contract has not been made and your industry needs more electrical power for production
  • On large ships as an emergency power source or to power heavy lifting equipment, winches, powering pumps on dredging boats
  • When the workplace is in inaccessible areas or does not have power lines, nor the possibility of energy supply
  • For events that need additional electrical support to the local power grid or are located in a place without power lines
  • In outdoor concerts for supply of sound equipment, air conditioning and lighting
  • As support in electrical installations and for testing energy supply
  • In film, advertising or promotional shoots far from cities or in places without power lines
  • For weather emergencies due to storms, floods and earthquakes where the electricity supply network has been affected
  • Forconstruction works and housing renovations when the electrical works contract has not been carried out or as support for the electrical network.

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