What is an air destratifier and what is it for?

A air destratifier It is a ventilation equipment, which also works as a dynamic heat recovery unit. The use of the air destratifier helps to homogenize the temperature of the space where it is installed. Its operating dynamics consists of bringing the hot air from the part closest to the ceiling to the ground and the cold air from the ground to the ceiling and vice versa. As a consequence, a uniformity in the ambient temperature of the place will be experienced, having a significant impact on ideal levels of energy efficiency.

Air destratifiers are used mainly in industrial ships . But they can also be installed in technical rooms, shopping centers, greenhouses, farms and sports centers. This type of device is essential to conserve goods and guarantee the environmental conditions in productive activities that require a warm and uniform temperature. Rent an air destratifier includes important benefits in the economic and technical aspect, in which the 24-hour emergency service stands out.

What is an air destratifier and what is it for?

What is an air destratifier for?

There is a difference in the density of hot air and cold air. The hot air is located in the upper part of an enclosure and in the lower part, the cold air tends to stagnate. The air destratifier with less energy consumption than a stratifier, manages to homogenize the temperature in the interior environment. These devices can be used during all climatic seasons of the year.

The air flow that the delaminator can move is related to the size of the room and the position of the equipment, but the amount of equipment installed on the site also influences. The choice of the ideal flow is made by prior study, which is why the importance of an adequate technical installation, such as the one provided by TST Torres Servicios Técnicos.

In addition to promoting a uniform internal temperature, the air destratifier in summer reduces relative humidity by 20% and reduces the concentration of fumes and odors that can affect the work dynamics in the place, helps oxygenation and “washing the environment “due to the constant renewal of the air. It disperses dust, preventing it from entering the crevices of machines and equipment.

In winter the air destratifier helps to reduce the thermal needs of the place where it is installed. It allows to achieve a saving between 25% to 30% in heating and to reduce the maintenance tasks of the structure. Also, it contributes to eradicate the layers of condensation in tents and greenhouses, mainly.

Specific applications

  • In a shopping center, the delaminator contributes to air circulation, avoiding dense drafts.
  • In technical rooms, it is useful to reduce the levels of dust and humidity, therefore it contributes to increase the useful life of the equipment.
  • In warehouses, it eliminates heat levels and provides a more pleasant working environment.
    • If you need to rent an air destratifier, TST Torres Servicios Técnicos provides it together with technical advice and installation. Access here and find all the machinery and equipment that your businesses and projects require.

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