Rental of acoustic barriers

Portable acoustic barrier to soundproof works, constructions, machinery and music

Designed to absorb noise, this acoustic barrier is ideal for a acoustic isolation of any area that requires optimal soundproofing . The great advantage of these barriers is their easy transport and quick installation, this being a point in favor for reduce noise levels in areas in record time.
It is made up of a flexible semi-rigid panel of sound-absorbing foam and a PVC fabric covering, all self-extinguishing fire retardant, with high resistance to the elements.

Ideal to install on a modular scaffold structure and movable 3.5 × 1.9m site fences. Also valid for thermal insulation. Easy to transport and install Water resistant Weather resistant.

You can read more about acoustic barriers in this link

Ideal for acoustic insulation and soundproofing in:

  • Event music
  • Special shields on construction sites.
  • Acoustic barriers for machinery that are located inside or outside buildings.
  • Cooling and ventilation towers
  • Insulation in industry.
  • Vehicle traffic
  • Machinery of any kind
  • Sound spots in general
Acoustic barrier 2.15 × 1.10m -63dB pdfAcoustic barrier 2.15×1.10m-63dB

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