Why is it better to rent machinery?

The decision between buying or renting machinery for your company can be complicated, since both options can present benefits. However, only one can be reasonable in certain contexts. Everything will depend on the needs and conditions of the company.

Why is it better to rent machinery?

Renting machinery is the most recommended for many companies due to the multiple advantages it offers in certain situations, making it an extremely useful tool.

The rental of this type of equipment in the industry generally responds to the need for reduce costs and do without equipment maintenance , so it becomes a very practical and profitable strategy to acquire the necessary machinery.

Well be construction machinery In case of a reform, machinery for events or industrial machinery, there are many situations where the rental of this type of equipment is your best option. In addition, it is not necessary to complicate thinking about the budget for the purchase of machinery, or the storage sites. In this sense, in TST Services We have dedicated ourselves for many years to provide these services, achieving very high quality standards.

Advantages of renting machinery

The rental of machinery has multiple advantages that make it the preferred choice of many companies for a wide variety of situations. Here are some of them.

Economic savings

Before deciding to buy any type of machinery for your company, you should ask yourself how often this equipment will be used once you rent it. If the machinery will be used 60-70% of the time, it is considered to be worth the investment. Otherwise, if its use will be less frequent, perhaps investing so much money in the purchase of the equipment is not the best option.

Likewise, the rental of machinery has much more affordable prices than its purchase. In addition, in the case of construction machinery, its rental represents a great saving because it is possible to do without an operator with fixed salary , since all these services and costs are covered by the company that provides the rented machinery.


When renting machinery at TST Servicios, our team takes care of everything related to maintenance work. For this reason, in most cases we offer guarantees that the equipment will work and be in good condition. best conditions for maximum use . Likewise, the great security offered also represents savings due to the absence of maintenance costs.


The storage of large and complex machinery equipment and its safety is another challenge to consider when buying rather than renting it. This implies having to invest in night tables and cellars that they keep the equipment safe. However, when renting them, it is the company that takes care of their storage, taking that weight off the client.

The benefits of renting machinery are many because the purchase of these work tools presupposes large investments, hiring specialized personnel, paying higher taxes and many other commitments. Whereas in TST Services we provide these services with total reliability and security .

If you have a company and you will carry out a work in which they temporarily need the use of machinery, we recommend that you resort to renting, due to the aforementioned advantages. In this sense, TST Servicios we have a great experience, being able to ensure a good technical service, economic savings, 24-hour service, and complete maintenance.

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