Camlock water hose rental

“Our water hoses and Camlock couplings are ideal for suction and discharge of liquids”

Camlock Water Hoses

Flexible hose with optimal mechanical resistance, resistance
to crushing and abrasion, very low resistance to fluid friction, high resistance to atmospheric agents and solar rays.
Working temperature: -25ºC + 60ºC
Use: Aspiration and impulsion of liquids.
Structure: Two-layer plasticized PVC hose with galvanized steel spiral and polyester fiber reinforcement, for suction and discharge of liquids.
Rent hose with Camlock connection pdf Camlock Water Hoses

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In our industrial cold section, we have a wide range of camlock hoses and fittings. Camlock connections also known as Evertite are very versatile, they have a quick connection with flat seat and gasket. Another advantage is that it resists vibrations and disconnections due to manipulation of the hose or dragging. Camlock couplings are designed to transport water, oil, gas, fuel, chemicals, acids and solvents. In addition, it withstands high temperatures between -25ºC and + 60ºC and is indicated for the aspiration and delivery of liquids.

Our camlock hoses and fittings are in demand by sectors such as fishing, mining, construction, agriculture and winemaking.

All our hoses and connections are checked after each rental for good maintenance and perfect operation.

Why renting a hose with a Camlock connection?

The main reason is that you will not have to make a large investment in the purchase of hoses and camlock couplings. In the rent, you pay for the time of use of the equipment. You will not have additional expenses in maintenance and storage. In addition, the rent has tax advantages and is tax deductible. This type of rental is indicated for temporary facilities and processes where you save the purchase investment. We have a technical team for quick repair or replacement.

As you can see in the rent they are all advantages!

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