What does our rental service include?

“Full rental service and  professional”

Our rental service includes:

▪  Advice by our technicians 24 hours

You can leave us the phone number and our sales representatives will contact you to discuss your needs. We are specialists in the rental of machinery in spaces of all kinds, both exterior and interior.  You can see examples of temporary installations in our montage photos section.

▪  We visit your facilities to see options and answer questions

Visit from our salesperson and technician to see, on the one hand, what is needed, and on the other, we discuss how to install and where to locate the machinery.

▪  Own transport of the equipment

Our logistics service manages deliveries and collections of machinery 365 days a year.  Fast 3-hour delivery service at venues.

▪  Equipment installation by our technical staff

We have a team of technicians who install the equipment according to your instructions in record time.

▪  CE certified rental machinery

Our equipment complies with CE regulations, easy to use and with great performance. All our equipment is constantly reviewed and renewed.

▪ Civil liability insurance

TST Servicios has been in the market for 40 years in all sectors. Hiring our company will give you the peace of mind of being backed by a guaranteed company with civil liability for any unforeseen event.

▪ Service of breakdowns and guaranteed service of change of damaged machine

TST Servicios accompanies you throughout the rental period. Our equipment is constantly revised and renewed but in the event that they break down, TST quickly starts up to fix or change equipment.

▪ Maintenance service during the event and emergency service 365 days / 24 hours

We offer the option of maintenance technicians during the event so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Or if you prefer, you can call us at the emergency service or the commercial one at any time.


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