Rental of generator sets and air conditioning for industry

We know the importance of a production chain in industry . An unexpected interruption due to power outages can cause large financial losses and a delay in product delivery times. At TST Servicios Técnicos we have reliable and efficient rental solutions to avoid losses in production. In addition, we have specialized technicians in the design and implementation of contingency plans to contain unexpected power cuts and maintain air conditioning in your company’s cooling or heating processes.
At TST we are specialists in improve air conditioning and electrical supply processes that we install. We like challenges, we are skilled and creative to overcome them successfully, always offering the best of ourselves.

Complementary energy supply for production peaks or delays in the implementation of the new electricity contract

We have a large number of generator sets with large energy efficiency to meet the highest expectations in autonomous electricity supply. Our generating sets are manufactured with engines of high performance Stage 3A In addition, they have high-quality equipment such as an intelligent control unit to control all parameters, an electronic card for connection to PC, GPS, SMS and remote control applications for telemetry reading and off or on . Another feature of our groups is soundproofing and noise reduction of up to -30 dB. Our autonomous power supply units are reviewed after each rental service to ensure great service and perfect operation.

Our electric generators and generator sets they fulfill their mission in the additional electricity supply to perdition in applications such as:

  • Direct load installations with automatic start
  • Parallel island installations with synchronized groups
  • Installations in direct automatic switching due to power grid failure
  • Synchronized parallel island installation in automatic switching due to power grid failure.

You can see more information in our technical sheet

It should be noted that in our division of Electric Power It also has an electrical protection panel, motor starter and commutation. Also, we have double-layer security tanks for refueling, industrial UPSs, electrical transformers and cable extensions, among many other applications.

We know the importance of daily processes in a factory and the seasons in which it can need more electricity demand for a peak of production. For this reason, TST makes technical consulting available to you for the realization of an effective electrical continence plan and its emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Temperature control, air conditioning with air conditioning and heating for industry

TST Servicios has extensive experience in temperature control of industrial processes and air conditioning of small, medium and large spaces. Our rental solutions and applications offer a extraordinary performance for production processes such as cold food preservation, temperature regulation in production phases and air conditioning of spaces with heating or air conditioning.

We have a large number of applications and equipment for temporary air conditioning

Our heating division has a large number of applications and equipment for air conditioning with heating such as: hot air generators, heat cannons, electric fan heaters, infrared heaters, hot air curtains, compact heating units and gas stoves. In addition, we have a large number of ducts with different characteristics to take the heating right where you need it. Also, we have hot water boilers for rent and destratifiers for the mobilization of hot air and energy savings in heating.

Temperature control, HVAC applications and refrigeration in industry

We have a large number of HVAC applications, industrial cold and water chillers . This large amount of equipment provides us with a wide variety of resources to meet the highest expectations in the control of air conditioning in industrial processes and low-temperature refrigeration. Our HVAC equipment They are also used to create cold air and comfort in operators with air conditioning in high volume production rooms in summer or in spaces with high temperatures.

Temporary air conditioning and portable units

Also, we have air conditioning equipment, splits, air curtains, fan coil for temporary installations in offices. Ideal for replacement in case of failure of local air conditioning equipment. We highlight our Spot Cooler portable air conditioning units indicated to direct the flow of cold air to workstations or machinery that reaches high working temperatures.

Some advantages of our services, equipment and applications in industry

  • Our generators are used for contingency plans in power outages and in reinforcement processes by expanding electricity consumption in peaks of high production demand.
  • Water chillers for cooling with sub-zero temperatures in industrial processes and temperature stabilization in scheduled maintenance shutdowns.
  • Versatile air conditioning equipment that works with water or air depending on the need.
  • HVAC units with maximum efficiency to generate air conditioning or heating in industrial buildings.
  • Quick response to emergencies, we have an emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Technicians specialized in the assembly and disassembly of industrial air conditioning installations
  • We have a large fleet of vehicles specialized in the transport of machinery and our own logistics.
  • Technical team specialized in the design and implementation of contingency plans for industry
Rental of applications and machinery for air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical supply in industry

Rental price of our equipment for industry

The rental price of our equipment varies directly depending on the period of time that they are used. It is not the same to rent our industrial equipment for several days, weeks or months, than for a long period of time. The latter being the most advantageous by assuming up to 40% savings on the initial budget . Request a quote to rent machinery for industry

Advantages of renting our equipment

The main advantage is that you do not need to make a large investment in the purchase of the equipment to use them. In the rent you only pay for the time you use the contracted equipment. Forget about the maintenance, security and storage of equipment and machinery. In addition, the rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. In the rental you will always use the most advanced equipment as the renewal of machinery and equipment is constant. How do you see in the rent everything are advantages!

Our locations

TST Servicios Técnicos has a business network throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Our main headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Murcia offering coverage to supply electrical supply, air conditioning and refrigeration applications for industry.

Some evaluations of our clients

Lucas Andreo: “Very good heating equipment rental services, punctual in assembly. They also solved a local installation problem in the factory heating ducts. I recommend the service with them. »

Adrián Marcano: «I recommend this company, we called them for an emergency and they managed it very well. Fast and professional. »

victor jurado virgilio: «Excellent company, very serious and very fast. I did not expect such good service »

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