Electrical supply, air conditioning and ventilation services for maritime transport

We are aware of the difficulty of the facilities of autonomous electrical supply equipment, air conditioning and ventilation in high sea. At TST Servicios we have specialized technicians in this field to adapt our equipment to your needs and challenges. Our technicians are specialized in designing contingency plans for electrical supply and air conditioning to increase safety on long offshore journeys. We have our own logistics with more than 38 vehicles specialized in the transport of heavy machinery to any port or sea dock that you indicate. In addition, we offer machinery and applications for ship hull repair and maintenance in dry dock.

Naval electric power rental

We have a large number of generator sets and generators electric with different characteristics to supply power to navigation equipment, power supply to heavy lifting equipment and winches, feeding of mud pumps for dredging boats and temporary standby generators for ships. We also have resistive load banks for test the ship’s electrical installations and may the journey across the high seas be a complete success.

Temporary air conditioning rental for boats

We have a large number of equipment and applications to offer services of heating or cooling machinery and underwater vehicles. Also, other services such as heating supplementation in local ship systems, chilled water for operating systems and dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the cargo or for specific places on the ship. Highlight our compact portable air conditioning systems indicated for maintain air conditioning systems .

Applications for repairs and maintenance of ships in dry dock

We are aware of the difficulty in repairing and maintaining the hulls of large ships. At TST we have reliable and efficient rental solutions specialized in boat repair and maintenance . Our high pressure units are ideal for descaling of dirt, paint and grease on boat hulls . Also we have special boilers for pressure washers that generate hot water at 50ºC. Also, we have ventilation boxes to create hermetic drying or gas extraction atmospheres . Our electric generators and high power generating sets are ideal for power machinery and repair equipment . We have technicians specialized in advising on drying, moisture extraction and cleaning processes. Also, our operators are specialized in installation and disassembly of our machinery so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Some advantages of our professional services, rental equipment and applications for shipping companies

  • Versatile air conditioning equipment that works with water or air depending on the need.
  • Large fleet of water chillers for temperature maintenance processes on ships
  • HVAC units with maximum efficiency to generate air conditioning or heating.
  • Rapid response to emergencies, we have a service of emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Technicians specialized in the assembly and disassembly of the facilities, so you do not have to worry about a thing
  • We have a large fleet of our own vehicles specialized in the transport of machinery.
  • Technical team specialized in advising your project

Our locations

TST Servicios Técnicos has a business network throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Our main headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville and Murcia offering coverage to supply electrical supply, air conditioning and pumping applications throughout Spain.

Some evaluations of our clients

Lucas Andreo: “Very good heating equipment rental services, punctual in assembly. They also solved a local installation problem in the factory heating ducts. I recommend the service with them. »

Adrián Marcano: «I recommend this company, we called them for an emergency and they managed it very well. Fast and professional. »

victor jurado virgilio: «Excellent company, very serious and very fast. I did not expect such good service »

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Rental price of our equipment

The rental price of our equipment varies directly depending on the period of time that they are used. It is not the same to rent our equipment for several days, weeks or months, than for a long period of time. The latter being the most advantageous by assuming up to 40% savings on the initial budget . Request a quote to rent machinery for shipping companies

Advantages of renting our equipment

The main advantage is that you do not need to make a large investment in the purchase of the equipment to use them. In the rent you only pay for the time you use the contracted equipment. Forget about the maintenance, security and storage of equipment and machinery. In addition, the rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. In the rental you will always use the most advanced equipment as the renewal of machinery and equipment is constant. How do you see in the rent everything are advantages!

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