Rental of water pumps and motor pumps in general

In TST Servicios we offer the rental of water pumps and motorpumps for draining clean and dirty waters.

These rental water pumps are made with a robust chassis, high quality components and materials. Our electric pumps offer excellent drainage and pumping performance. In addition, they are checked after each rental service for optimal cleaning and inspection.

We have to offer centrifugal water pumps, hydraulic water pumps, submersible water pumps and diesel motor pumps and high altitude.

Advantages of renting a water pump or motor pump

The main thing is that you will not have to make a large investment in the purchase, since with the rent you will only pay for the time you use it. In addition, you will save additional maintenance and storage costs. The rent is tax deductible and has tax advantages, we also have a technical team specialized in quick replacement or repair

The rental of centrifugal water pumps is ideal for temporary drainage installations because it draws in the water at the bottom of the pump. A motor driven paddle wheel directs it towards the manifold that leads it to a nozzle that brakes the liquid by transforming the dynamic energy into pressure energy to direct the liquid to the outlet hose.

The water pumps , like any common hydraulic pump, they transform mechanical energy into kinetic energy and can work with electric current or fuel. They consist of a rotating vane rotor that is submerged in the liquid. The liquid enters the pump axially from the suction pipe to the center of the rotor by means of the motor.

The paddles move the liquid radially making it gain energy and speed, causing it to come out thanks to the centrifugal force. All this process causes the pressure and the water comes out towards the bodies of the pump, and then out through the impulsion pipe.

Rental of accessories for water pumps

We have a wide range of accessories of all kinds for the installations of water pumps : flat discharge hoses, semi-flexible suction and discharge hoses, metal pipes, flanges, Bauer connections, Barcelona fitting, Torz , Camlock, reductions, curves, filters, electrical panels, level buoys, etc. Everything you need for any type of water pumping installation.

We have delegations in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Seville and Morocco to provide support throughout Spain, Portugal, France and Morocco.

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