Why rent a wall fan?

If you have thought about rent a wall fan , but you have not decided yet, in this article we will tell you why to do it. The wall fans are helical and their propellers are made of aluminum. They are resistant, because their components and materials are of high quality, and are designed to withstand continuous work.

Rent a wall fan it can be the answer to multiple situations in commercial spaces and industries. At TST Servicios we offer a safe, effective and economical solution .

Why rent a wall fan?

What is a wall fan for?

A wall fan is very useful equipment when working in closed or open spaces where there may be a concentration of chemical gases or smoke . This allows the air to be extracted from those places to guarantee the health of the workers and people who are in the place. It also makes it possible to have a comfortable space in terms of air quality.

For this reason, renting a wall fan can be a preferable option when you do not want to make large investments in the purchase of one of this equipment.

Benefits of renting wall fans

The advantages of renting these ventilation systems there are many, and more and more people are turning to this service that offers comfort, economy, safety and guarantees of operation. Next, we detail what are the advantages of this alternative and why it is so widely used today.


All the logistics for the installation and operation of these wall fans are provided by the company, which represents a great advantage. This team will be doing its job without requiring cumbersome or cumbersome preparations.

Expert advice and maintenance

At TST servicios we have a trained technical staff and extensive experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of all types of ventilation systems, including wall fans. Our experts can make measurements, find the ideal equipment for each job, guide on its general use, solve any problem or question that may arise. Likewise, they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to attend to eventualities or any requirement of their clients.

Saving money

It is not necessary to resort to buying one of these equipment, with the rental option it is possible to pay only for the time in which it is being used. On the other hand, renting wall fans and other equipment on a temporary basis reduces expenses, for example, in paying for maintenance and storage. Likewise, this option is tax deductible and has tax advantages, which must be assumed, in any case, by the service provider company.


Wall fans and all equipment for rent by this company are checked before and after each service, to confirm their status. Likewise, periodic maintenance is applied to guarantee its operation.


The operation of this rental equipment has been verified by the technicians of TST Services and tested in various works in which they have worked correctly. In addition, its quality is the most optimal for guarantee excellent service .

Undoubtedly, those who have tried the option of renting a wall fan or any other equipment that we offer in TST Services, have verified all these advantages. Good references have proven it. Therefore, more and more companies turn to us.

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