Rental of equipment for refrigeration, industrial cold and temperature control  

In our industrial refrigeration division we have a large number of equipment for commercial refrigeration and industrial refrigeration units. All of our industrial refrigeration units are made with strong materials and high-quality components for extraordinary performance. In addition, our equipment is checked after each rental service to guarantee good maintenance and perfect operation.  

Industrial refrigeration and cold equipment that we can offer you

Our refrigeration and temperature control equipment are used in manufacturing processes and temperature maintenance in industrial sectors such as food, wine, meat and agriculture.  

Chillers for temperature control applications

Our water chillers are suitable for industrial processes where optimal control is necessary temperature. We have some models of water chillers with integrated heat pump and can be used for air conditioning with heating or cooling with cold air large surfaces in hotels, shopping centers, schools and government buildings. Also, they are requested for temporary processes of temperature control in wine cellars at harvest time, food factories and in sporting events with ice rinks.

Cooling Towers  

Our cooling towers for evaporative cooling systems are indicated for industrial processes that require industrial cold with immediate response. Some sectors that demand our cooling towers such as: petrochemical industry, steel production, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, manufacture of electronic components, semiconductors, power plants, cogeneration plants and industrial refrigeration.

Fan coils – Water heaters

In our cold air division we have several models of wall, floor, ceiling and vertical fan-coil. They are demanded for cold air conditioning in events, party rooms, server room cooling and other industrial processes.

Cold room evaporator for freezing tunnels

Our evaporator equipment is ideal for producing industrial cold in processes in pre-cooling tunnels and freezing tunnels in residences, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, cinemas and the pharmaceutical industry.

Buffer tanks

Our inertial tanks are indicated to maintain a constant and uninterrupted flow of water with the desired temperature. In addition, it protects the generating equipment from constant and unnecessary switching on and off. Also, with an inertia tank, significant energy savings are achieved by turning on the boiler or chiller less times.


Water pumping groups

We have several systems with pumping groups for closed temporary circuits. Ideal for industrial processes to transport hot or cold water with centrifugal pumps.


At TST we have several models of heat or cold exchangers between two fluids. Indicated for temporary heating, cooling and chemical processing systems.  

Compacts for cold rooms for refrigeration

Our room compacts are ideal for cold rooms and cold rooms. Also, they can be used as a replacement unit in case of failure of the local industrial compact refrigeration equipment.

Camlock water hoses

Our Camlock hoses are ideal for temporary processes of pipeline of liquids with suction or impulsion. They can work with temperatures of minus -25ºC + 60ºC

Circuit antifreezes

We have antifreeze liquid for closed air conditioning circuits.

Why rent as a method of return for your company

More and more industrial companies are realizing the advantages of renting as a method of savings and performance in temporary projects. 

The most obvious advantage is that you do not need a large investment in the purchase of the equipment to use them. In the rent, you only pay for the time you use the industrial cold generating equipment. You will save time in maintenance, updating and maintenance of equipment. In addition, the rent is completely tax deductible and has its tax advantages. As you can see in the rent they are all advantages.

Our temporary rental services  

  We have technicians specialized in advising on refrigeration, industrial cold and temperature control equipment. We have our own logistics to move machinery and equipment in record time. In addition, our logistics cover the emergency service 24h / 360 days a year so that in case of breakdown of the cold equipment we have a quick response. Finally, highlight our operators trained in the installation of industrial cold generating systems.

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