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TST commits 0.7% of turnover to charity

“Now it is needed more than ever”

Juan Jose Torres - Managing Director

Juan José Torres – Managing Director


TST equips and offers the trophies of the CCD Turó de la Peira

Every year we equip the Benjamin team and the annual trophies of the Turó de la Peira de Barcelona Club. The turó de la Peira was part of the youth of some of us. We want to maintain that union to help continue a modest 50-year-old Club.

TST equips and offers the trophies of the CCD Turó de la Peira

TST installs the air conditioning for free every year for the social event of the MARATÓ TV3: Everyone with the Marató

TST offers its machinery for the social event of the Marató de TV3 every Christmas for 10 years. At the same time, it sends all its clients information about the annual Marató campaign and encourages them to contribute to the cause.


We are Teaming

We collaborate with and its social causes. Commemorative plaque and proud to contribute our granite.

This past year the Teaming Foundation has raised more than 3 million Euros for solidarity causes, TST contributes an amount for these causes every year. In this past year, contributions have risen 35% compared to the previous year, we are happy for this and we congratulate all the people who are part of the Teaming team for making it possible. THANK YOU

We are Teaming

We contribute to the child vaccination campaign of Gavi the Vaccine Alliance and La Caixa

We contribute to the distribution of the pneumococcal vaccine to Mozambique to protect the child population against pneumonia, which is the main cause of infant mortality in children under five years of age.

We contribute to the childhood vaccination campaign

Social commitment

Concern for the state of our environment, people, families, mountains, oceans, the environment, Nature and actively respond to actions that damage the natural balance of things.

Commitment to results

It is TST’s responsibility to obtain the best economic, organizational, strategic and training results to ensure the direct well-being of the people who make up the company and their families; and indirectly ensure the well-being of its customers, suppliers and creditors.

Engagement with the client

Ensuring the responsibility that customers have placed on us with their needs and responding with the greatest possible success.

Future commitment

TST is committed every day to ensuring a better future for the people who make up the company, their families, its suppliers, its customers and its creditors.

Commitment to the environment

And yes we will tell you that TST is seriously committed to the Environment. Because TST has a rigorous selection protocol for rental machinery, it does not use fluorinated gases or polluting agents and strictly recycles each waste generated. Our Environment is the Environment of our children and of future generations.

Gender equality

TST assumes the principle of equality as one of the priority axes of business culture, ensuring that both women and men have the same opportunities in access, participation and permanence in all company practices.

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