Rental of generator sets and heating for construction sites, home renovation

At TST Servicios Técnicos we are specialized in the rental of equipment, applications and machinery for the construction sector. Our great experience in construction sector helps us to advise you on the most suitable equipment or machinery for your construction project. We are aware of the importance of meet delivery deadlines and meet the schedule in the construction phases. We help you meet your delivery goals. Highlight that all our machinery is made of resistant materials and high-quality components to ensure high performance. In addition, all our equipment is checked after each rental service for good maintenance and perfect operation in the next rental.

Rental of electricity supply by generators for construction and rehabilitation of homes

We have a large fleet of autonomous electric generators with a diesel engine and accessories such as electrical panels for protection and distribution, transformers, UPS’s, resistive load banks and cable extensions to offer a great electrical distribution service throughout the work. Our generator sets they are perfect for supply power in works without power lines. In addition, they have remote equipment for telemetry control, on and off. Also, we have fuel nurse tanks with double security camera so that the refueling of machinery is more efficient. Our electric power division It has everything you need to keep your work going.

Machine rental for temperature and humidity control in construction sites

We know the importance of temperature control in the execution of concrete spraying and curing processes. At TST we are specialists in drying concrete floors to avoid micro-fractures, walls and ceilings from plaster, painting and application of resins. We use equipment such as heat cannons, fan heaters and gas thermal units . In addition, we have a team specialized in the extraction of moisture in materials, walls, ceilings, floors and walls. Finally, highlight our technicians trained in the humidity measurement for an accurate diagnosis.

Temporary rental of ventilation and air renewal

One of the safety factors in a work in contrition or rehabilitation of housing it is the renewal of air, especially in demolitions indoors or with little ventilation. At TST we have a large number of units for the extraction or discharge of air, dust and gases . We have equipment such as soundproof ventilation boxes, anti-smoke and ATEX units, screens and axial fans . We highlight our range of high performance air ventilation for tunnels in construction specialized in the evacuation of harmful gases, dust and air renewal.

Drainage and pumping of flooded areas under construction

Our pumping division offers great service for drainage or extraction from puddles or ponds caused by torrential rains in the contrition sector. We have high-performance electric submersible pumps for water heavily loaded with solids. Also, we have Diesel engine and self-suction motor pumps high flow for groundwater projects and water transfers.

Rental of temporary lighting and autonomous lighting for works

When the work light or power supply is delayed At TST services we have a large number of applications and lighting equipment to offer you. Indoor or outdoor spotlights with IP protection, fully autonomous lighting towers , adjustable spotlights, fluorescent tripods and low consumption screens for indoor work.

Some of the uses of our equipment on construction sites

  • Distribution for maintenance or repair of electrical system on site
  • Temperature control for the application of components and air conditioning for the comfort of workers inside
  • Drying of concrete floors and acceleration of drying of plaster, resins and paints on walls and ceilings
  • Acoustic insulation of areas with a lot of noise from machinery
  • Air ventilation, extraction of gases and dust harmful to health
  • Air renewal in demolition projects and places with poor ventilation
  • Pumps and motor-driven pumps for drainage and extraction of loaded waters or with sludge caused by weather conditions
  • Temporary lighting of common areas in construction
  • Spotlights and lighting tripods for construction sites

Some evaluations of our clients

Pedro Fernandez: «Rent a equipment for drying humidity in a reform and everything is correct. Great service”

Francisco Sevilla: “Serious professionals”

Javier Quesada: “Excellent professionals”

Rental of applications and machinery for construction sites and home renovation

Rental price of our construction equipment

The rental price of our equipment varies directly depending on the period of time that they are used. It is not the same to rent our construction equipment for several days, weeks, months or for a long period of time, the latter being the most advantageous when assuming up to 40% savings on the initial budget . Request a quote to rent construction machinery

Advantages of renting our equipment

The main advantage is that you do not need to make a large investment in the purchase of the equipment to use them. In the rent you only pay for the time you use the contracted equipment. Forget about the maintenance, security and storage of equipment and machinery. In addition, the rent has its tax advantages and is tax deductible. In the rental you will always use the most advanced equipment as the renewal of machinery and equipment is constant. How do you see in the rent everything are advantages!

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TST Servicios Técnicos has a business network throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Our main headquarters are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Murcia offering coverage to supply construction applications.

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