Air curtains rental

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“Air curtains are ideal for maintaining heating and cooling, this means savings in electricity consumption. It also prevents bad smells, pollution, dust and insects from entering”

Air curtains

Mobile, easy, fast and economical installation.
Ideal in large and medium spaces such as tents, party rooms, restaurants, fairs, sports centers, workshops, warehouses, farms, greenhouses, etc …
Heating for medium and large premises.
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In our air conditioning division, we have several rental models of air curtain ideal to avoid loss of heat or cold, bad external odors, smoke, dust and the entry of insects.

Our air curtains are made from high-quality materials and components to deliver outstanding performance. In addition, they are checked after each rental service for good maintenance and perfect operation in the next service.

Air curtains are used by the food industry, department stores, shops, at events, exhibitions and trade fairs. Its greatest advantage is to create an air barrier to maintain heating or cooling , create a clean atmosphere and protect from drafts , pollution, bad smells and insects. Another advantage is the consumption savings. By avoiding losses of heat or cold air, the temperature of the area to be heated is maintained for longer.

Our clients trust us not only for the rental of air curtains. If not because we have our own logistics to transport equipment and technicians for assembly and disassembly, so that our clients only deal with what is really important.

At Torres Servicios Técnicos we have a team specialized in planning air conditioning projects with air curtains, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions that may arise .

Finally, note that we have our own logistics to cover our emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our rental service includes:

    • Installation of the equipment by our technical staff.
    • Control of air conditioning equipment by ON-OFF switch.
    • Condensation air outlet through flexible duct.
    • Electrical installation of air conditioning equipment to electrical connection.
    • Displacement necessary for the installation of the equipment.
    • Breakdown service and guaranteed replacement service for a damaged machine.
    • Liability insurance.

Why rent an air curtain

The main reason is that you will not need to make a large investment in the purchase of an air curtain to use it. With the rent, you will only pay for the time you use it. You will save on storage and maintenance. Also, the rent has tax advantages and is tax deductible. Finally, it should be noted that we have a technical team specialized in the repair or rapid replacement of air curtains.

As you can see, the rent is all advantages!

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