GSM remote control rental

GSM remote control with 2 inputs 1 output with temperature probe

Alarm module through GSM control center with the following configurations:

  1. 1 HELP message, the device returns a message with a summary of all available control messages.
  2. 2 TEST message, the device returns a message with the current status of the output (channel / machine) and the inputs.
  3. 3 Message to connect or disconnect the channel (machine)
  4. 4 Message to enable or disable the notification of the alarm input by contact closure
  5. 5 Message to enable temperature probe alarm notification
  6. 6 Message to disable temperature probe alarm notification
  7. 7 Device identification code change message (password)
  8. 8 Message from the list of telephone numbers where alarm messages are sent
  9. The relay can be activated and deactivated manually by pressing the corresponding key
  10. All alarms can have a maximum of 2 telephones associated with them.
  11. The DOME GSM 2 + 1 is a telephone remote control for the control of installations through the GSM network (mobile).
  12. It has 2 inputs: – 1 for temperature probe from -40 to 140ºC (S). – 1 alarm input for contact closure (AL).
  13. It has 1 output (hereinafter called channel): – 1 16 (7) A (C) relay.
  14. The control and notification of the different states of the device is done by text messages (SMS).
GSM remote control rental pdf GSM remote control with 2 inputs 1 output with temperature probe


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