Work without noise with acoustic barriers

It is estimated that more than 30% of the population is regularly exposed to noise, this has a negative impact on well-being that causes stress, cardiovascular diseases.


“Noise pollution is considered not only an annoying environment but also a threat to public health”

Noise is part of our lives, such as in the construction of buildings, demolitions, transportation system, power generators, mass events, etc.

Acoustic barriers are designed to reduce noise levels of all ranges from industry, construction, events from any place or space. Each acoustic barrier can be personalized with the logo, brand or the desired information, becoming an information panel.

They reduce up to 40% of noise.
Reduces noise: – 63dB


Acoustic barriers

Acoustic panels collect noise with the best performance:

· Ideal measurements: the panels have a compact geometry, designed to fit in multiple spaces, portable and lightweight. Its weight and measurements are optimized.

· Resistant to fire and UV rays: made with completely fire resistant materials. They withstand extreme temperatures from +70 degrees to -40C. On the other hand, they withstand the sun’s rays with a 5-year guarantee.

· Water resistant: water and weather resistant material to handle the toughest jobs. It does not absorb water even during heavy rains.

· Non-irritating material: The composition of the acoustic panels is made of non-irritating materials, which means that they can be transported and handled with the hands without having to use protective gloves. The barriers are made of materials that can be recycled following the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

· Connections by velcro: For an easier installation, the union between pieces with velcro has been created. More comfortable to join each panel and faster to manipulate.

· Quick installation: The easy installation of the acoustic barriers makes it very easy to have the protection against noise ready in record time.

· Compatible with scaffolds: ideal for installing on construction scaffolds.

· Acoustic certificate: our panels have the noise reduction certificate. Acoustic barriers do not bounce sound, which could cause reverberations, but absorb it to cancel it out.

Remove noise with acoustic barriers


TST Servicios offers acoustic barriers for rent for jobs where it is required to reduce noise urgently, in the medium or long term, with special rates and prices in each case. Do not hesitate to contact and ask for information.

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