Rental of water drainage pumps for construction and mining


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Drainage pumps for construction and mining DRENAX BSD

Submersible electric pump for clean water. Easy to install and high energy efficiency to obtain the best economy in service. Ideal for pumping water tables, storm water, tunnel construction and excavations.
Construction and mining water drainage pumps DRENAX BSD - BSD 147- 32 pdf Submersible Electric Pump DRENAX BSD 55-29 3.7 KW

pdf Water drainage pumps for construction and mining DRENAX BSD 70-32 5.5 KW

pdf Construction and Mining Water Drainage Pumps DRENAX BSD 86-48 11KW

pdf Construction and Mining Water Drainage Pumps DRENAX BSD 150-45 15KW

pdf Construction and Mining Water Drainage Pumps DRENAX BSD 120-70 22KW

Accessories for water pumps

We have a wide range of accessories of all kinds for water pump installations: flat discharge hoses, semi-flexible suction and discharge hoses, metal pipes, flanges, Bauer connections, Barcelona, Torz, Camlock, reductions, curves, filters, electrical panels, level buoys, etc. Everything you need for any type of water pumping installation.

rental of water pump accessories

pdf Water pump accessories

Pump guide

Do you know what pump you need?
Look at the pump guide
Drainage Pump Guide

pdf Quick Pump Selection Guide

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At Torres Servicios Técnicos, we have a wide range of water pumps for drainage and bilge rainwater, wastewater, loaded and industrial. In addition, some models can be used as support at the head of treatment plants. Manufactured with a robust chassis, high quality components and materials, our electric pumps offer excellent drainage and pumping performance. Likewise, they are checked after each rental service for optimal cleaning and inspection.

Our drain pumps of water are demanded in the construction and mining sectors for their great effectiveness in draining loaded and dirty water. Drainage electric pumps can perform many different jobs, but we can highlight the collection of rainwater, drainage of flooded areas such as parking lots, drainage of water loaded in trenches, annals, excavations, desiccation of formwork,

works and tunnels under construction. It should be noted that they are ideal for pumping at the water table.

At Torres Servicios Técnicos, we have a team specialized in project planning with extraction and impulsion pumps , general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions you may have .

Finally, it should be noted that we have our own logistics to cover our emergency services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Advantages of renting a drain pump

The biggest advantage is that you will not have to perform a great investment to buy an electric pump. You will only pay for the time you use it. Pump rental is perfect for temporary drainage jobs. In addition, the rent is tax deductible and has tax advantages. Finally, it should be noted that we have a technical team for quick repair or replacement of rented equipment.

As you can see, in the rent they are all advantages!

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