Hot water boiler rental

“We have the diesel boiler you need to have hot water in your event. Ideal for temporary installations”

Hot water boilers 500 KW

Diesel pressurized thermal group. Low temperature steel plate.
Pressurized boilers with reversal of flame in the combustion chamber and tube bundle of smoke passages, homologated as low temperature according to directive 92/42 CEE. Minimum return temperature> 50 oC. The interior design of water circulation, guarantees the perfect uniformity of the temperature inside, avoiding the possible formation of calcareous deposits.
Thermal groups composed of:
– Boiler
– Diesel burner (model according to table),
– BT 3-stage thermostatic control panel with:
• Anti-condensate pump management thermostat,
1st, 2nd and 3rd burner stage thermostat.
• Pump start switch and
• Safety thermostat with manual reset.
• Digital boiler thermometer.
Hot water boiler rental pdfHot water boiler 500 KW

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In our heating division we have pressurized thermal groups for heating and hot water (DHW). All our boilers are checked after each rental service to guarantee perfect operation in the next service. In addition, they are made with high-quality materials and components that offer extraordinary performance.

Our hot water boilers They are used for many applications but we can highlight the heating of water in events where sanitary hot water is needed. Also for temporary heating in radiators where it can offer great heating performance.

At Torres Servicios Técnicos we have a team specialized in planning heating projects and DHW hot water with diesel boilers, general use, measurements, troubleshooting and any questions you may have .

Por último, destacar que disponemos de logística propia para dar cobertura a nuestros servicios de urgencias 24h, 365 días al año.

The advantages of renting diesel boilers or pressurized thermal groups

The main advantage is that you will not have to make a large investment in the purchase of the boiler to use it. In the rent you only pay for the time of use. You will save costs in storage and maintenance. In addition, the rent is tax deductible and has tax advantages. Renting diesel boilers It is the most suitable option for temporary installations or to use as a replacement for a boiler under repair. Finally, it should be noted that we have a technical team specialized in the quick repair or replacement of the equipment in the event of a breakdown.

As you can see, in the rent they are all advantages!

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